Fieldwork Information

Fieldwork is one of the most important aspects of the total credential program.  It should provide the candidate with a general knowledge of administration through planned observations and practical experience in each of the standards identified.  It includes the performance of actual on-the-job tasks or work assignments selected for their value in preparing prospective school administrators and supervisors.

The fieldwork portion of the program is a collaborative team approach that provides opportunities for the MA/MS PASC candidate to meet with the site supervisor at times, the university supervisor at other times, and in triads with both supervisors.  This configuration of meetings ensures the candidate will have opportunities to debrief experiences, discuss educational theory and practices, brainstorm various ways of handling situations and receive guidance and support in a mentoring atmosphere.  Each member of the team has an important role to play in the successful completion of the fieldwork.

The fieldwork process begins with the following steps:

  • The candidate schedules an initial meeting with the site supervisor after the supervisor agrees to mentor the candidate.
  • The candidate then works with the site supervisor to develop an outline (Form B) of 4 mandatory and/or discretionary fieldwork experiences based on the CAPEs, the required course assignments, and the needs of the school.
  • The candidate completes Form A.
  • The candidate meets with the university supervisor and the site supervisor (called a triad meeting) to review Form A and Form B, establish a plan for the completion of the experiences, develop a schedule of meetings, and review the requirements for submitted narratives and documentation. The university supervisor approves the outline and the plan.  The meeting also sets the tone for the mentoring between the candidate and the university supervisor.