Fieldwork Overview

The PPS program requires the successful completion of 100 Practica (non-counseling) hours and 800 hours of supervised fieldwork.

● Elementary
● Intermediate/Middle/Junior High
● High School

While the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) permits candidates in fieldwork to select areas outside of the PreK-12 public school system under special circumstances, it is PLNU’s policy that all 800 PPS fieldwork hours are completed in a PreK-12 public school setting. Fieldwork occurs after successful completion of core coursework and 100 hours of practica (GED 6187P). It is optimally completed sequentially over three semesters of enrollments (GED 6188 F1, and F2). Each section is 400 hours and must be completed in one semester if attending full-time or two semesters if completing part-time. Two case studies are required/one for each educational level. These will be submitted and graded in the Seminar Courses (GED6187S1 and S2). Credit must be received in each section of fieldwork before enrolling in additional units.

For complete information about School Counseling Fieldwork, refer to the School Counseling Handbook.