Fieldwork Information

The induction, mentoring, and advanced fieldwork components of the program are based on an assessment of the candidate’s skills, knowledge, and interests and are individualized to fit the specific needs of each candidate. During the program, the candidate has an opportunity to work in a personalized mentoring and coaching relationship, engage in reflection, and receive guidance and support while undertaking his/her new leadership role. Candidate job responsibilities and expectations along with the CPSELs provide the basis for the Individualized Induction Plan (IIP). The professional development component of the program is also highly individualized and offers the candidate an opportunity to participate in university-sponsored seminars, courses, and/or non-university activities designed to enhance his/her administrative knowledge, skills, and practice.

Candidates for the Clear Administrative Services Credential will participate in at least two professional development seminars/workshops. These professional development activities must be pre-approved by the University Coach and the district mentor.

The Individual Induction Plan (IIP) is developed collaboratively by the candidate, the district mentor, and the University Coach. The IIP becomes the document through which the candidate’s strengths, needs, and professional growth are addressed. The candidate identifies professional growth needs and interests based on the new job responsibilities of Year 1 and the Competency Assessment Rubric Year 2.

The IIP includes:

  • goals for addressing the identified needs and interests
  • strategies for attaining the goals
  • support and assistance to be provided by the district mentor and University Coach
  • agreed upon means for assessing goals and objectives
  • professional development activities which relate to the identified goals

All CASC candidates should meet every semester with their advisors to establish the proper sequence of courses and the fulfillment of all professional and fieldwork requirements.