Eligibility for progression of Fieldwork is based on completing the following requirements by the end of your Gate 2 as listed in your Handbook on Appendix A5:

Appendix A-1 Handbook Receipt

Read your program’s handbook, sign that you have reviewed the handbook, and submit to

Appendix A-2 University Coach/Candidate Agreement

Your signature and your University Coach’s signature is required to acknowledge agreement of course requirements. Please submit to

Appendix A-3 Qualifications & Responsibilities of District Mentors

Read through the Qualifications and Responsibilities of District Mentors, fill out the information in the District Mentor Agreement page and have your District Mentor sign off in acknowledgement. Please submit to

Appendix A-4 Superintendent Mentor Approval Letter

(If applicable) This letter should be used only if the candidate does not have a District Mentor on their site and cannot get Appendix A-3 completed as a result. It is given to the Superintendent of the school district once a candidate has been enrolled in the CASC program.

Employment Verification Letter

 This requirement must be an official document from Human Resources with the company logo shown. Please submit to

Taskstream Account Activated

SOE Assessment will send you an email to your PLNU Gmail account to set up your Taskstream Account. Ensure you follow the instructions sent to your PLNU Gmail on how to activate your Taskstream account. For any questions or information, please contact

FERPA Training

All candidates completing fieldwork must complete a Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) training prior to beginning fieldwork.
Click here to complete the training and make sure to register with the Department of Education
  • FERPA 101: Local Education Agencies

Be sure to submit your Certificate of Completion to

For more information on your Fieldwork, please read the CASC Handbook.