PASC in Action

Graduates from the MA/MS in Educational Leadership may go on to serve as school principals and leaders at the district office.

Administrative Services Credentials allow the holder to:

  • Develop, coordinate, and assess instructional programs
  • Evaluate and supervise certificated and classified personnel
  • Management of students, and certificated and classified personnel
  • Manage a school site, district or county-level fiscal services
  • Recruit, employ, and assign certificated and classified personnel
  • Develop, coordinate, and supervise student support services, including but not limited to extracurricular activities, pupil personnel services, health services, library services, and technology support services.

Recent graduates from our program serve in many of the following roles:

  • Superintendent
  • Associate Superintendent
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Dean
  • Supervisor
  • Consultant
  • Coordinator
  • Other equivalent/intermediate-level administrative positions