Welcome to Clinical Practice!

We are excited for you as you begin this unique opportunity to work directly with students in the classroom with the support of a cooperating teacher and university supervisor. For those of you who are interns, you will be working closely with your intern support coach, as well as your university supervisor.

If you are a traditional candidate, you will apply instructional planning and strategies to meet the needs of the students in your classroom. Responsibility for the classroom will gradually shift from the cooperating teacher to you. By the conclusion of this experience, you will be prepared to employ appropriate teaching methods, design lesson plans, manage a classroom, effectively use instructional technology, and communicate with all stakeholders in the educational process

If you are an intern candidate, this will be an opportunity to improve your instructional and planning skills, as well as utilize the support of your intern support coach and university supervisor as educational resources for continued improvement.

We hope that your clinical practice experience will be challenging and rewarding! We look forward to supporting you during this time.



School of Education Faculty