What is the TPA (Teacher Performance Assessment)?

-The TPA Teacher Performance Assessment is a two part assessment that candidates must complete and pass before being able to be recommended for their Credential. You have TPA cycle 1 during Clinical Practice Phase 1 and TPA Cycle 2 during Clinical Practice Phase 2.


Can I work on TPA Cycle 1 and 2 before or after my Clinical Practice?

-The best time to work on your TPA is during your Clinical Practice because all of your work for the TPA will be from your classroom experience during Clinical Practice. During Clinical Practice, you will also attend a CP seminar once a week to support and guide your TPA work.


What does the TPA entail?

-The TPA is taken in 2 parts, Cycle 1 and Cycle 2:

  • Instructional Cycle 1 represents a complete teaching cycle (Plan, Teach and Assess, Reflect, and Apply) for one content-specific lesson that you will develop and teach within a school placement. Cycle 1 focuses on developing a content-specific lesson for one class and 3 focus students based on what you learn about their diverse assets and learning needs. Teacher Candidates will be developing, teaching, recording a lesson and utilize the information be able to complete their TPA Cycle 1
  • Instructional Cycle 2 also represents a complete teaching cycle (Plan, Teach and Assess, Reflect, and apply). This cycle emphasizes the interaction between standards, assessment, and instructional decision making. Standards describe what students are expected to know, understand and be able to do. Assessments are an ongoing process of gathering evidence from multiple sources to determine what each student actually knows, understands, and can demonstrate. The results from the assessments are then used to inform and improve instruction. Teacher Candidates will be developing, teaching, recording 3-5 lessons within a unit of study to complete the Teacher


Can I work during Clinical Practice?

-It would be very difficult to work and complete Clinical Practice. During Clinical Practice, you are required to report to your host school/classroom the same hours as your Cooperating Teacher. During that time you will be planning, teaching, and learning about the teaching process. As a Teacher Candidate at your school site, you will be joining your Cooperating Teacher for any staff meetings, staff developments, IEP meetings, Field Trips, and Parent/Teacher Conferences. One night a week, you’ll be attending CP Seminar class to support and guide your TPA work.


How many hours do I have to complete for Clinical Practice?

-The CTC requirement to be recommended for your Credential is a total of 600 hours. Those hours include hours from your Fieldwork, Clinical Practice 1 and Clinical Practice 2.


Why do I have to apply for Clinical Practice months before I start Clinical Practice?

-Please be mindful of the prerequisites and Clinical Practice application deadlines. The application is due months in advance because it takes quite a bit of time to ensure that the school, teacher, and program meet the requirement and are willing to host a teacher candidate.


Where can I find the Clinical Practice application?

-You can apply for Clinical Practice through Taskstream.
-Once you’re in Taskstream, login, and select your DRF (your program). Once in your program, scroll until you see CP 1 application. You can submit all your CP phases in one application.
VERY IMPORTANT: Submit your Application to your respective Clinical Practice Manager.