Candidates can view and download the fieldwork documents here, as well as find TaskStream assistance and instructions for submitting the fieldwork forms at the end of the quad.


During your observations, you will gather demographic information about the makeup of the class. This will include information about the diversity, special programs, and disabilities found among students in the classroom.

The hard copy of this form will need to be uploaded in Taskstream in addition to completing the electronic form in Taskstream. Please carefully follow all the instructions on this form for proper data collection and Taskstream submission.

Demographics Form

Host Teacher Information

During your first observation, you will give this form to your host teacher to complete.

This form will be scanned and uploaded into TaskStream.

Host Teacher Professional Information Form


Throughout your observations, you will keep track of your hours using this form. At the end of your time in the classroom, ask your host teacher to complete the evaluation portion at the bottom and sign the bottom to verify your attendance.

This form will be scanned and uploaded into TaskStream.

Evaluation Log Form

How to Complete Fieldwork Forms

How to Complete Fieldwork Forms when using your own classroom for Intern/PIP/STSP Candidates

Please upload each form to the designated spot under your specific course number for fieldwork course credit.

View Step-By-Step Instructions on Uploading all Three Fieldwork Forms To TaskStream

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