Before beginning the clinical practice experience, students must submit a clinical practice application through Taskstream before the application deadline and fulfill the clinical practice prerequisites prior to the prerequisite deadline.


Prior to Clinical Practice Teacher candidates must have completed the appropriate fieldwork courses required by the program.


Teacher candidates must have fulfilled the prerequisites (TB test, Certificate of Clearance or equivalent, and liability insurance). These prerequisites must be valid through the end of the clinical practice experience.

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Teacher Performance Assessments (CalTPA)

Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 TPAs.
Candidates will receive direct instruction about each cycle within their courses. Cycle 1 is completed during Clinical Practice 1, and Cycle 2 is completed during Clinical Practice 2.


Teacher candidates must have met all subject matter competency requirements upon completion of 12 units at PLNU.

Clinical Practice Interview

Teacher candidates must have passed the Clinical Practice Screening Process as defined in the MAT Handbook prior to beginning the Clinical Practice experience. Should the screening reveal an area of concerns, the Teacher Candidate will be contacted to schedule an interview.