The following items are prerequisites to all fieldwork courses and must be submitted prior to the start of the quad in which fieldwork observations will be completed. Candidates will not receive a placement until all prerequisites have been satisfied, and failure to submit one or more prerequisites will result in being dropped from the fieldwork course.

Ferpa Training

All candidates completing fieldwork must complete a Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) training prior to beginning fieldwork.  For prerequisite requirements, all candidates will need to complete the FERPA 101:Local Agencies training.  In order to access the training you will need to create a free account.  Be sure to submit your Certificate of Completion to the Field Experience Coordinator at your campus. Please submit to
Click here to complete the training and make sure to register with the Department of Education.

Health Clearance

Evidence must be presented that candidates are free from tuberculosis. This health clearance can be provided in four different ways: a negative TB test, an official At Risk Assessment, an official medical report showing blood test results, or a chest X-ray. To obtain health clearance, you may visit your own doctor.

TB Test Results

Regardless of school district policies, PLNU’s policy is that a negative TB test is valid for two years. Your TB test must, therefore, be dated on or more recently than two years before the last day of the quad. Candidates at the Mission Valley Regional Center may choose to use the PLNU Wellness Center (located on main campus) to obtain a TB test during the fall or spring semesters.  For hours and pricing at the Wellness Center, please call please call (619) 849-2574.

View Sample TB Test Result

Certificate of Clearance

Evidence of a valid certificate of clearance must be presented. This is a two-step process:

1. Livescan (fingerprints)
2. Certificate of Clearance

Livescan (Fingerprints)

Students must have their fingerprints taken (this can only be done in California), then they will set up their CTC account to retrieve their certificate of clearance. Candidates are required to complete the 41-LS LiveScan Form. Click this link to see quick tips for applicants.

Certificate of Clearance

Once you have had fingerprints taken, apply online for your Certificate of Clearance.

Once you set up your account with CTC, check back on this site to retrieve your Certificate of Clearance, take a screenshot, and please submit the certificate to

The normal clearance process may take 2-3 weeks.

Step-by-step instructions on obtaining a certificate of clearanceView CTC Sample

Liability Insurance

Evidence of personal liability insurance must be presented. Liability insurance is NOT health insurance or car insurance. Liability insurance is protective coverage for students provided by a union.

If you are a member of CTA then you may provide that proof instead of purchasing additional insurance by submitting your membership card or other proof of membership in the CTA union (NOT a pay stub).

If at any time, during Field Experience, you no longer pay into the CTA union you are required to purchase another form of insurance coverage.

Affordable student membership liability insurance ($25 – $30) can be purchased via membership in one of the following:

View Liability Insurance Sample