Basic Skills & Subject Matter Requirements FAQ


I want to see if I can satisfy SMC through my degree, what are the requirements?
  • The degree options for satisfying SMC must meet the following requirements as well as have an exact degree match to one of the identified majors below:
    • For Multiple Subject credential candidates: Liberal Studies degrees as well as Liberal Studies degrees that include any focus or concentration in the title.
      • Examples include, but are not limited to: Liberal Studies: Urban Education and Liberal Studies: Elementary Education.
  • For Education Specialist credential candidates: The major must meet the Multiple Subject requirements or be in a subject aligned to authorized CSET examination content areas used for a Single Subject credential (see below)
    Single Subject credential candidates: The major must be an exact degree/credential subject match in (1) one of the subjects named in Education Code section 44257(a). These subjects are:

        • Agriculture
        • Art
        • Business
        • Dance
        • English
        • World Language (in any of the languages for which there is a credential)
        • Health Science
        • Home Economics
        • Industrial and Technology Education
        • Mathematics
        • Music
        • Physical Education
        • Science (including Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience or Earth and Space Science, and Physics)
        • Social Science
        • Theater
        • *At this time, the Commission will also accept applied majors in the single subject credential areas (e.g., Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics) and exact majors in one of the single subject areas that may have additional modifiers (e.g., Biology: Environmental Biology; Art: Art History; and Physical Education: Kinesiology).
          • If you have additional questions, please reach out to your respective Credential Analyst to further discuss these requirements.