Intern Information FAQ


When can I become eligible for an internship?
  • Candidates can become intern eligible as early as the start of their second semester, but this is entirely dependent on how quickly they can complete their pre-requisites and obtain an Intern position. Candidates should connect with their respective Credential Analyst as soon as possible to express their intent to become Intern eligible. Your respective Credential Analyst will work closely with you to ensure you are meeting the Intern pre-requisites.


How do I find an internship?
  • School districts, charter schools and county offices of education often post positions on job boards or EdJoin; private schools are not state-eligible to host intern teachers. The School of Education does not facilitate intern placements.


Do I have to student teach if I am an intern?
  • The internship counts toward your student teaching hours. During the internship, candidates will need to maintain a time log. When it comes time to recommend candidates for their preliminary credential, the time log serves as evidence that the candidate has completed the required student teaching hours.