Masters Finishing Course Election

Hello SOE Candidate!

As you may have heard, our new Master of Arts/Master of Science program launched this Spring 2023 with new masters finishing courses (GED6094 and GED6095 for Master of Arts, and GED6098 and GED6099 for Master of Science as their finishing courses instead of the GED6089 Suite). If you were admitted into your Master of Arts program before Spring 2023, you see the GED6089 Suite reflected on your program plan; which includes GED6089, GED6089P1, GED6089P2. We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to elect into one (1) of three (3) options pertaining to their finishing courses in the Fall which are the following:

Option 1: Stay in GED6089, GED6089P1, and GED6089P2 means:
  • Stay in current course progression reflected on your existing program plan
  • Takes three semesters to finish
  • 5-chapter thesis focused; provides a direct pathway into the proposed PLNU Ed. D Doctoral Program
  • These courses are Online Asynchronous
  • Will soon be taught out due to the new GED6098 and GED6099 in option 3
Option 2: Electing into GED6094 and GED6095 means:
  • GED6094 and GED6095 are each taken in 1 quad (1 semester in total)
  • Potential to graduate sooner
  • Action Research focused; is a terminal degree with no pathway to future doctoral opportunities
  • These courses are Online Asynchronous
Option 3: Electing into GED6098 and GED6099 means:

This option is not available for Master of Arts in Teaching candidates

    • GED6098 and GED6099 are each taken in 1 semester (2 semesters in total)
    • Potential to graduate sooner
    • Five-chapter thesis; a direct degree pathway into the proposed PLNU Ed.D doctoral program
    • These courses are Online Asynchronous
Next Steps

Decide if you want to pursue Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3. Once you have made a decision, submit the Masters Finishing Course Selection Google Form on which option you will pursue moving forward so we can update our records on which pathway you have chosen.

Please Note:

  • Lack of submission tells your Advising Team that you are automatically electing into Option 1
  • Submitting this form does not confirm your election. Your submission will be approved and confirmed by your Student Success Advisors (SSA’s)
  • Based on the catalog policy regarding curricular exceptions, you are not guaranteed your election into the new finishing courses unless confirmed by your SSA’s
  • If deciding to elect into the new finishing courses, you are not guaranteed the mentor you register for due to seat availability.
  • If you have any follow-up questions, please reach out to your Student Success Advisors for further guidance.

If you have any follow-up questions, please reach out to your Student Success Advisors for further guidance.

If you want to be considered for these new finishing courses for Summer 2024, your deadline to submit the form below is March 22nd, 2024.