Program Plan Breakdown


I reviewed my program plan and it does not accurately reflect the program I am pursuing, what do I do?
  • Please reach out to your respective Advising Team to inform them that your program plan does not accurately reflect the program you are pursuing so we can accurately reflect that for you.


I spoke to my Faculty Advisor/Program Director during the admissions process and they told me I can progress faster in my program by taking courses in a certain way, but it is not reflected in my program plan. What do I do?
  • Please reach out to your respective  Advising Team to inform them that your course sequence in your program plan does not reflect what you discussed with your Faculty Advisor or Program Director so we can resolve that for you.


I received an updated program plan from my Student Success Advisor without me asking for an updated program plan, why is this the case?
  • At the bottom of your program plan, right below the Total Units row, it states your course schedule is subject to change. Your Student Success Advisor updates your program plan if they receive new information on course offerings changing, the change of modality in certain courses, the days courses are offered, if they notice an error in your program plan, if updated prerequisite information needs to be included in your program plan, and more. Although you may not request an updated program plan, Student Success Advisors work to make sure they provide the most accurate information in your program plan.


What do I do/Who do I reach out to if I want to make changes to my program plan such as:
    • Adding/Dropping a course(s)
    • Taking a Leave of Absence
    • Moving courses around
    • Seeing if I can graduate sooner
  • Reach out to your respective Advising team to further discuss if these changes can be made to your program plan. Keep in mind, changes to your program plan will depend on when courses are offered, it may extend your graduation date, you may fall into a new program, and any changes to the number of units may affect your financial aid.