Teacher Preparation

Summary for MAT/PTC Gates:

In this page, you will find a brief overview about what our 6-Unit and 12-Unit Gates are, and why they are in place. To learn in more detail about these Progression Policies, please review your program’s Handbook located in the PLNU SOE website.

Gate Requirements for:

Master of Arts in Teaching, Preliminary Teaching Credential, and Integrated Studies with an Emphasis in Education Candidates

There are 5 Gates total that you will pass through while completing your program. The purpose of these Gates is to ensure that you successfully complete the program and earn your teaching credential. If you do not meet the requirements of a Gate you will receive a warning or be stopped from continuing in your program until the Gate requirements have been fully met.

Gate deadlines specific to you are listed on your program plan in the Quad I additional information and/or Semester additional information in red text. Please make sure to know when your deadlines are and be proactive in completing the Subject Matter Competency requirement. Gate 3 is the 6-Unit Gate and Gate 4 is the 12-Unit Gate.

Gate 3: Upon completion of 6 units


Successful completion of 6 units (C or better)
1 section of CSET passed or confirmation of successful completion of Subject Matter Competency
Warning Letter if Gate 3 Requirements Not Met

If one or more of the above criteria are not satisfied, the candidate will receive an “at-risk” notification letter via PLNU email. This letter will not stop you from continuing in your current or future classes.

Gate 4: Upon completion of 12 units


12 units successfully completed (C or better)
Subject Matter Competency fully met
Signature Assessment in EDU6000 successfully completed with an average score of 3 or better
STOP Letter if Gate 4 Requirements Not Met

If one or more of the above criteria are not satisfied, the candidate will receive a “stop” notification letter via PLNU email. The candidate may not register for any further classes until the requirements for Gate 4 have been satisfied.