Program Plan Breakdown

This page is designated to break down your program plan and the key information it contains.

Note: If you have any individual questions pertaining to your program plan, please reach out to your respective Advising Team.

What is a Program Plan?
  • Your program plan is a roadmap to your credential and/or degree
  • It shows the courses you need to take to obtain your credential and/or degree as well as what order to take them in
  • Adherence to your program plan is critical as some courses are prerequisites for others
  • Your course schedule is subject to change (as stated at the end of your program plan)
  • Failure to follow your program plan will stop you from being able to register
  • Any changes you want to make have to be approved by your Student Success Advisor
  • If you find anything in your program plan that seems out of place, inaccurate, or any errors please reach out to your Student Success Advisor
How to Read your Program Plan

Example of a Program Plan for Master of Arts in Teaching, Single Subject Credential

  • Section 1 
    • In the portion labeled 1, you will find:
      • The Master’s Program you are pursuing (if applicable)
      • The Preliminary Teaching Credential you are pursuing (if applicable) 
      • The Concentration of your program (if applicable)
      • The date your program plan was created, your name, and your student ID
      • Your Advising Team
      • Any transfer credits or any courses you have previously taken with us for credit
      • Bullet points indicating other important information regarding your program
  • Section 2
    • In the portion labeled 2, you will find:
      • The semester of the course sequence (SP23, SU23, FA23, and so on)
      • Your courses distributed between the quads (Quad I, Quad II)
      • A column indicating the day your courses are held
        • M= Monday
        • T= Tuesday
        • W= Wednesday
        • R= Thursday
        • F= Friday
        • S= Saturday (1 meeting out of the entire quad)
        • ON= Online Asynchronous
        • ONS= Online Synchronous with a meeting day above it
      • A column indicating the course number
      • A column indicating the name of your course
      • A column indicating the units for each course
      • A column for grades you have earned which your Student Success Advisor updates during Registration Clearance
      • A column for any requirements needed for your courses
      • Quad I Additional Information
        • This information in red provides you with important Fieldwork and Clinical Practice prerequisite and application deadlines you need to complete during or before Quad I of that respective semester
        • You will also find linked the website or email in which you need to complete these tasks with deadlines
        • Gate requirements and when to meet them (if applicable) will be displayed here
        • Failure to follow these deadlines may prevent you from enrolling in Fieldwork, Practica, and/or Clinical Practice
      • Semester Additional Information
        • This information in red provides you with additional tasks you need to do closer to the end of each semester
        • Gate requirements and when to meet them (if applicable) will be displayed here
        • Applying for your credential and/or degree task will also be displayed here